Friday, October 19, 2012

New Element Created - Element 113 Finally!

New Element Created - Element 113 Finally!

Japanese scientists have
announced creation of a
new element on the
periodic table. This is
element 113, which has
the unglamorous
placeholder name
ununtrium. Several
heavier elements have
been synthesized, but 113
has been elusive.

Researchers at RIKEN
Nishina Center for
Accelerator-Bas ed Science
in Japan said they made
the element back on
August 12, 2012, but were
unable to capture proof of
the highly unstable
element before it decayed.

Now the team says they
have the decay scheme
that proves the creation of
the new element.

How 113 Was Made

Kosuke Morita and his
team collided zinc nuclei
(30 protons) with a thin
layer of bismuth (83
protons) to form nuclei
with 113 protons. The
nuclei underwent alpha
decay, turning element
113 into element 111,
109, 107, 105, 103 and
element 101,

New Element Created - Element 113 Finally!

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