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Scientific benefits for having a Beard

Scientific benefits for having a Beard

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Scientific benefits for having a Beard

1.A beard protects the face from harmful chemicals, and pollution in the air, which will cause cell damage, and increase wrinkling and bad skin. So keeping a beard protects your skin from the elements, reduces wrinkles, ageing, and bad skin.

2.The beard covers the skin, which protects the sebaceous glands from being infected by acne vulgaris bacteria, thus preventing acne/spots/pimples!

3.Keeping your face warmer and protects your chin from dangers.

4.It prevents disease of throat and gums.

5.Most of the respiratory problems are prevented by keeping beard.

6.It is the identity for a man with respect to woman.

7.Research says the longer and thicker the beard the wiser the person is supposed to be.

8.What is the total time spent in shaving by a man in his whole lifetime? Dr. Herbert Mescon from Boston University did research to give an answer to this question. Dr. Mescon calculated that if a teenager begin shaving at the age of 15, then in his 55 or so years of shaving, he is likely to spend about 3350 hours (which are equivalent to about 139 full days) at this task in his lifetime. That is an incredible amount of time which literally goes down the drain. You can add to it thousands of dollars one spends during his lifetime on products for shaving (razors, shaving gels, after-shave lotions etc).

Scientific benefits for having a Beard

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