Wednesday, November 7, 2012

World’s Longest Tree Top Walk in Bavaria Germany

World's Longest Tree Top Walk in Bavaria Germany

Opened two years ago in Neuschonau, Bavaria, in Germany, the tree-top walk is the longest of it's kind at 1300 meters that takes you to an impressive height of 25 meters above the tree tops. The walkway ends at an oval shaped dome, 44 meters high. The 360-degree spiral staircase around the dome offers breathtaking views of the sur
rounding nature. In clear weather you can even see the north ridge of the Alps. The tree-top walk is a part of the largest protected forest area in central Europe – Bavarian Forest National Park, which is also the first national park in Germany.

Several adventure stations are placed along the walkway including a narrow wooden plank enticing hardy trekkers to balance on the beam. These obstaclesare fully-enclosed with a safety net and offers a rewarding view of the earth 50 feet below. The observation dome is shaped like a giant egg. Once at the top, a spectacular view awaits the visitors.

World's Longest Tree Top Walk in Bavaria Germany

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